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The Maxisy Mini MS905 Is ideal for mobile mechanics. Even though its small it has tons of coding. It gives more coding than the Launch x431
The Maxisy Pro MS908P
The best vehicle diagnostic tool to buy Autels new Maxisys Elite.

Maxisys Mini

Maxisys Pro

Maxisys Elite

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Dear Friend and Mechanics,


Did you know the original kit of the Maxisys Pro is actually missing several adapters. One of which is mandatory for BMW re flashing. Would you like to know how Autel head quarters handles customers who purchase from some overseas Online resellers? ( Its shocking)Do you know were to go to access the calibration files when doing a re flash procedure.


This illustrates the fact that very often people's perception of what  they think they know is far from perfect to what  is actually true. That's why you need to register and sign up for my presentation .






My name is Curtis Hardin and I am an Autel Automotive Diagnostic Consultant , and some time ago I noticed a lot of mechanics where getting screwed over due to the fact that they were buying their auto diagnostic tool solely on the "cheapest" price just to feel like your "winning" in the short term.  This is the incorrect way to make purchasing decisions. In your mind you need shift your thinking to "Is this offer bringing me that best value that will make me a better mechanic in the long run".  But whats going to happen when you accidentally delete all the cars apps on your diagnostic machine, and you have a client that wants there car (like yesterday).  I can almost guaranteed the person you bought it from is more "sales" motivated and probably doesn't have a direct line that you can actually pick up the phone to rectify your problem. ( They probably don't even know how to register it)



Some other common mistakes I come across  is when people buying an inefficient check engine diagnostic tools. Online shops really wont tell you the limitations of the OBD car software.  These generic obd scanners will usually tell you the error code number most of the time. But then you have to go on Google and find what the the heck that error code means. Then you might have to call your buddy  "Fred"who has a premium diagnostic scanner to do the coding on your clients car.


Or people were buying with out having a clue on what the original  Autel Maxisys Pro price is or what the differences between all the models. ( Click Here if you did not see my Maxisys Pro Video Presentation)



Now here's something else: For those of you who are searching for the Autel Maxidas DS708 ... Its been discontinued since last year . Luckily there is a replacement version called the Maxisys MS906. This is just a modern day version of the Maxidas DS708 and you still will find it available online.  But why settle for out dated equipment when you don't have to?


Lets face it... You will not find a vehicle diagnostic tool that will do everything!

(And yes our tool does have weakness). This is probably why most of the "elite" shops I visit have a Snap On diagnostic tool ( Which I feel is a decent tool but overpriced) or  Launch X431 ( Which is descent on coverage but lacks coding capabilities). The mindset you need to have is of a "soldier" going to war. They need more than one weapon to attack there enemy. You as an automotive technician need to have different to tools to tackle different problems one your clients vehicles.  And now we come to one of the most important elements of all




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Get The Best Diagnostic Review For All Cars. The Maxisys Pro


This compact device is particularly aimed for the mechanic that needs to visit clients on the "go".  Dont let the size fool you. This tool is still capable doing your most complex coding task such as gearbox, key coding , mileage corrections etc. It will work on virtually any vehicle from  1996 to present day. My advice to anyone considering to purchase this tool needs to clarify if you don't want to do ECU re-flashing. If you do then please continue reading as this might be a suitable options


The Elite is the most advanced version of all the Autel scanners . In terms of coding, the software is exactly the same as the Mini and pro version . But the hardware with this version is much more provider that will allow you to " reduce " time through diagnosis. Battery life is longer than any of the other models  . The design is improved and there are tons of subtle improvements that other models not have . This is for the mechanics  who wants the absolute best and wants to give there clients a highly perceived value of service and quality


Maxisys MS908P

The Maxisys MIni MS905

TheMaxisys Elite

MS905 Maxisy Mini
Maxisys Elite Diagnostic Tool
THE Maxisys Pro  MS908P

This superb diagnostic scanner  is larger in size and comes with a special piece of equipment that allows the independent mechanic to do something that only the " manufacturer " was able to do before. . . This is called Maxis Flash Pro device ( J2534 ) Re Programming . This unit has the ability to access the OEM updated files and replace the existing software / firmware in electronic control units ( ECU) programming new ECU and correction driveability problems controlled by software and emission problems

All right. That should be enough for you to get the idea of how important is to get consulted before your purchase. Now that you have read this far I'm going to give you some " insight" what you can expect after you review my material:


-How To Do Re-flash an ECU On Virtually Any Vehicle.

The MS908P and the Maxisys Elite comes with a piece of hardware that will allow you do do something only the dealers could do. And thats ECU Re Programing. I will revile to you the process on how to use the J2534 and were you can access the manufactures calibration files. Done regularly, offering these re-flashing services are as good as "Putting Money In The Bank"... at an extremely high profitable  rate, I might add.


- Gain Access To All The  Autel Maxisys Vehicles Coverages Reports

Along with the resources I give to my clients help educated them about the tool .I also able to show you  "exactly" our diagnostic tools can and cant do and by providing full vehicle coverage reports. These reports have be made from the research and design team. No other diagnostic company I know of goes this length to educate there clients. I do!


- 3 Critical Secrets I’ve Learned About The Maxisys That Autel Doesn't Tell You

 Did you know 4 out of 10 people who purchase from some online vendors will have a huge problem when they need to return your machine for repairs? Did you know that some people are purchasing the wrong version of the Maxisys that is made only for a specific region? Do you know the average wait time to contact a"Customer Service" rep? Through my 7 years of consulting , I know what events that could happen after owning the tool. And if you don't purchase wisely ( from a knowledgeable,reliable vendor) It can be an absolutely nightmare. I will share with you some key insights that will make you second guess where your getting a tool from.


- Learn How To Stop Sending Your Problems To the Dealer

The diagnostic "beast" has been built from the ground up.  The interface and coding  processes are in a linear, logical order from your most basics trouble shooting tasks to your most complex. You will finally be able to "beat the dealer" and keep all of your work operations in house.


-See How To Do Adaptive Values With Our Autel Scanners

Have you ever work on BMW and replaced an 02 sensor? Or Have your changed an engine component just to find your self stuck because your current tool doesn't allow you to do Adaptations. Our tool can do this and I will show you how.


-See The Real Price Of The Yearly Update Subscription Fees ( And an "Unusual Tip"To Avoid Getting "Duped"

Many mechanics make a vital mistake of acquiring one of our Autel scanners with out being consulted on what the updates are. I will show you what these fees are and when is the best to time to register your tool( This will prevent getting "screwed over" at the end of the year since you made the mistake and  registered prematurely)


-How To Calibrate The Steering Angle Sensors And Conduct Brake Bleeding Procedures ( And More)

 Ok were to start. Coding the EWS Electronic Immobilizer , Tire Pressure Monitoring Control, Bleeding Hydraulic Unit and Braking Circuits. Pretty amazing stuff, don't you agree?  And like I said, that's just a "sneak peak"... not everything you'll discover after I educate you!


- Master The "First Impressions" To Your Client ( Even Before You Scan Their Car)

 There are tons of cognitive thought sequences that signal if you are an amateur mechanic or an experienced one. With our diagnostic tools design(alone), you will give your customer a perceived value about our yourself that separates your from your competitors. Clients will feel confident working with you.


 - See How My "Exclusive"World Class Customer Service Helps Solve Virtually Any Problem You May Face While Owning One Of Our Autel Scanners

One of the main reasons I started my firm was to address a "huge"problem that many people  dont even think about.  And that is " what am I going to do when my tool gets damaged" In my package, my customers not only benefit by dealing directly with me to handle there problems.,They benefit from my relationship with one of the top engineers who created the actual software.


- See How Investing In One of Our Premium Car diagnostic Tools Will Allow You "Sky Rocket" Your Profits

 I want think about what you services you are trying to sell. Now think about all the times you had to call you buddy "Joe" down the street to borrow his diagnostic tool in order to fix your clients problem. This takes time ( and money) and in worse cases , you may loose clients. I will show you what other services you can offer by having one of our amazing scanners.


- Learn The Difference Between The Maxisys MS906, Maxisys MS908P, Maxisys Mini MS905 , And The Improved Maxisys  Elite

Im sure your like everyone else searching the Internet  day and night trying to figure out the differences between all the new models that were just released. To solve this problem II go in to detail with you on each product we have. This information contains everything you'll ever need to know about the each diagnostic tool so you will know exactly which scanner is ideal for you automotive workshop.


 - What You Must Know About Key Programming With an Autel Diagnostic Tool

Many people want to know if our tool can do key coding. I will reveal to you some of the misconception most mechanics have read online and tell you the truth about key coding


- Discover The Special Re-Flashing  Adapter Thats Does Not Come Included in Any Kit You Purchase Elsewhere

Ah, your so lucky . Why? Well It's surprising to me how many people have no idea what options are available, of course, its not your fault. Most sellers are motivated by sales instead of consulting you throughly .My clients don't have to worry about this. I will show you what this cable can do and for you and on which vehicle its for.


- Compare The Our Scanner With Launch x431  And The (Really Expensive)Snap On To See Which is The Best Diagnostic Tool for Your Needs

Every Friday , I have the opportunity to demonstrate the Maxisys at different auto shops. These Shop Owners always surprise me when the tell me " Curt my tool doest have this feature" After I'm through educating you .. You can make your own concluding as to which diagnostic tool is right for you.


- See How Easy It Is To Charge Premium Prices To Erase The Vehicle Check Engine Light Diagnostic Error Code

I can honestly say that our tool has the #1 "peace-of-mind" secret that your clients will love! Not only that it will allow your to charge more when you do a diagnostic check due to the fact that there will be a perceived valued when presented with our comprehensive report.


- Maximizing your, "Client-Getting Secret Weapon"..The Maxisys

This tools that has NEVER failed me in terms of driving more business .With a very impressive arsenal  of coding and programming features, its imperative to know how to communicate the value proportions ( in plain English) of the new services you now can provided.  I can show you how to do this .


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Get The Best Diagnostic Review For All Cars. The Maxisys Pro

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Get The Best Diagnostic Review For All Cars. The Maxisys Pro

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